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If your organisation operates with various production lines, locations, or factories where a lot of documentation about machines needs to be managed, the OpenIMS DMS is an outstanding choice for managing this documentation.

Creating and maintaining Asset Files
Within the DMS, working can be done using so-called Asset Files in which the documentation of a production line, machine, or factory is stored. We can interface for example with SAP, Infor, Isah, Exact or Navision with for using the asset or cost center coding system of your ERP system.

Additionally, documents and drawings can be labeled by code, document type, and discipline, allowing the search engine to help employees find documentation quickly. Old documentation can also be digitized and stored via an import in OpenIMS DMS. If desired, OpenIMS DMS can OCR these documents, making them searchable by content. Enabling you to search details of old drawings from the block title.

Search engine example with results and filter feature on the right side.

With the OpenIMS overview function, you can group and filter documents in a handy Excel-like filter feature.

When noticed that a drawing or document in an asset file is no longer up-to-date, an employee can report this through the integrated workflow and add annotations through the annotation features of the OpenIMS platform.

"As built" documents from project to asset file
You are able to start various kinds of projects (new construction, maintenance, standstill) as a file in the DMS based on pre-defined template structures. With this all involved disciplines such as project leaders, maintenance staff or engineering can work together in a project file. The project information can be supplied by your ERP system. You can share this file with external parties or government agencies via an Extranet, thereby keeping the information flow secured without having to work with tools like WeTransfer or Dropbox, where the risk of disclosing important information to uncontrolled platforms is present. With OpenIMS you offer your employees a standard solution and your organisation controls the flow of documents and the assurance that they are retained. At the end of a project, the documents and "as built" drawings can be transferred to the asset file and the project is closed and archived. Keeping your asset file up-to-date.

Mobile first documentation site
For many organizations, it's convenient for engineers to consult information with a tablet or mobile phone through an optimized interface. For example in the form of a provided documentation site, which is easy to use and contains all necessary asset information.

Quality documents management and publication.
Your quality employees can set up one or more (instruction) manual collections in the DMS and there is also a consultation environment available for factory workers to find and follow the correct work instructions. Supporting your organization with managing ISO and other certification trajectories.

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