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The OpenIMS Digital Workplace is an out of the box solution. In addition to a fully-fledged Social Intranet, the platform also provides very extensive process, case, file and document management facilities in the same user interface. Archiving is also incorporated. This creates a clear difference between Intranet suppliers and the OpenIMS-based platform.


The social intranet contains all the common facilities you would expect from a social intranet such as the possibilities to tag users (@) and words (#), to react to messages, like and the possibility to insert images, links and videos in messages.


You can manage and publish content with an approval workflow, ensuring that only controlled and approved information is available. You can create multiple thematic access points such as Staff, ICT and other business departments. You can determine which groups have access to a theme per access point. In this way, you can also make information available to different parts of the organization that do not need to view each other's content.


For corporate communications, facilities are available to create news and events in a structured manner that are published on the intranet homepage. Needless to say, an approval workflow can be integrated. News messages from themes can also be re-published to the homepage of the intranet, naturally after approval.

The news messages are provided with a publication and expiry date with the possibility to pin them for an extended period on the homepage. It is also possible to publish an emergency message which is presented at the top of all the pages of the intranet.


An administrator can create so-called managed groups. Selected users and user groups could be added to ensure they are mandatory members and thus automatically follow this group and receive notifications. This keeps specified users and user groups always informed about activities within this group, for instance in a procedure and instruction group.


In addition, employees can independently create groups. These can be open or closed groups. Open groups can be searched by anyone via the "Discover Groups" overview. Closed groups are only visible to the members of the group.

Each group has a timeline that you are able to follow or unfollow. You may create and post pages in a group. There is a file manager present and an integrated feature for photo albums.

Of course, you can view all group members, a group owner can modify the layout of the homepage and define portlets themselves. For example nws (RSS) feeds, recently modified documents, list of useful hyperlinks or images with data.

News and activities can also be created. These are presented in an overview. The activities created in your groups are also included in the general calendar.


An important aspect is the employee profile. This can be searched using the search engine. The profile picture becomes visible in the timeline responses. Moreover, you can also record other information in a profile, such as project experience or a knowledge matrix. A working hours matrix can be included, or a variant that is linked to your own applications in this regard.


You can perform a search through all the information on the digital workspace, whether it is content from groups, news messages, or documents from files, including employee profiles. The search engine takes your authorization into account. It is also possible to work with autocomplete functionality and/or a list of synonyms.


In addition to the standard facilities for statistics and analyzing page visits, it is also possible to use a number of additional reports. You can think of an overview of all created content so you can analyze when content was last maintained and by whom. Login activities of all users to see if all target groups can find their way in the Digital workplace are present. But you can also export all information from user profiles for analysis and possibly ask employees to update their profile.

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