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OpenIMS consists of five server based products. These are:

These products can, in combination, as an example be used for:

  • Contract Management (CM), 
  • Knowledge Management (KM),
  • Quality Management (QM),  
  • Electronic Record Management (ERMS), 
  • Product Data Management (PDM, EDMS).
  • Manual Management (HKZ, ISO, INK).
  • Digital processing of incoming invoices (E-invoicing)
  • Handling incoming mail.
  • Project control / project management
  • Human resource management (digital dossies)
  • Manage your website, Intranet and / or Extranet with a Content Management System (CMS).

and be integrated with solutions such as:

Open Information Management Server (OpenIMS) was developed based on our years of experience in the implementation of various Content, Document, Knowledge Management and Workflow systems. The philosophy behind OpenIMS is using Open Standards, a friendly user interface, compatible with many standard office solutions (Microsoft Office, drawing and design packages such as AutoCad, e-mail systems such as Outlook and Lotus Notes) and a scalable and stable solution based on Open Source technology.
OpenIMS is simple to use, easy to learn, fast to implement, has powerful functionality and has a good performance at low hardware requirements.

Open Source Platform
OpenIMS is developed based on an Open Source software architecture and thus fits in the strategy to minimize the dependence on closed source software vendors. Thinking about open source in your organization to go up then OpenIMS a solution that you should definitely consider.

Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Because OpenIMS uses Open Source products like Linux and Apache the necessary investment for software and hardware is relatively low. Next to that they are very stable and reliable. The combination of Linux and Apache Web server is the most widely used web application server combination.

Integration within your IT infrastructure
Easy integration is key implementing a Web-Content or Document Management solution into your existing IT infrastructure. OpenIMS has features that make integrating with existing back office applications or databases easy. Also at the User Interface effort is invested, so users can use their favorite word processor, drawing package, design software, email system and other office applictions that seemless integrate with OpenIMS.

Support for almost all hardware and software platforms
OpenIMS supports almost all (important) hardware and software platforms. At the server side operating systems such as MS Windows, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX and Linux Redhat, Suse, VMWare can be used. OpenIMS uses Apache as the web application server suite, but it is also possible to deliver HTML or XML content through Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Netscape or other application servers.

Database independent
Standard, OpenIMS needs no database to function. Nevertheless information also can be stored in a relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 or other compliant relatioan database.

As mentioned earlier, OpenIMS is based on Open Standards and Open Source technology. This provides endless possibilities to extended the functionality to specific needs of any organization. In the core OpenIMS makes use of XML, XML schemas and XML-related standards. This allows the use of various Open Source applications such as OpenLDAP.

Excellent upgrade facility
OpenIMS has a technical separation between the product specific functionality (the core) and customization for customers. This means that new release can be implemented without the need to rework the customization.

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