Document management

Most social intranets focus on making information available, but a Digital Workplace should contain more. You also want to be able to access other sources of information and documents to prevent information silos from emerging. That's why the OpenIMS Digital Workplace has a very extensive Document Management platform leveraging archiving by design.

The following standard features are available:

  • Working with folder structures in a file.
  • Generating layouts including document templates.
  • Working in a project-based manner where documents are generated per phase transition.
  • Integrated full-text search engine.
  • Microsoft Office integration for Outlook, Word and Excel among others.
  • Adding files via Drag and Drop, including attachments from Outlook.
  • Document and email templates within a file category.
  • Responsive interface.
  • Document previews for all common formats (PDF, Photos, Microsoft Office).
  • Annotation features.
  • Audit trail.
  • Document approval workflow using notifications within the platform.
  • Integrated file/document archiving.
  • Processing of documents via a barcode.
  • Recognize text after OCR so documents become searchable. This allows older documents, such as technical documentation, to be made searchable for all authorized employees.
  • Updates can be posted on a timeline so that others who follow a file are also aware of the progress of the said file.

Intelligent integration using existing information sources. In this manner information can be made available for teams that are often out of the office.

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