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Sint Maartens Clinic, very proud on their Document Management solution.
"We want that too." With those words, Pharmacy Manager Mr. Bart Benraad launched the cultural revolution that took place within the Sint Maartens Clinic. All the business processes were mapped so the time was ready to implement a document management solution. The OpenIMS DMS solution was selected and implemented and it puts an end to all misunderstandings about correct document versions employees used. At a glance, it is now exactly clear which employees have taken responsibility for our processes and documents. "Of vital importance."

More than a product
No big cubbies with more than 1500 readers, but digital distribution lists and reviews on the screen. User-level - which users still have to read a certain document - and on document-level - which documents are not yet readed by all employees.
Great! We are very pleased and proud and our employees also. Again there was a wonderful proof of the added value of OpenSesame ICT and their OpenIMS solution. They deliverd more, much more, then only a product.

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