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OpenIMS DMS - Sugar 7 Integration

The seamless integration between Sugar 7.x and OpenIMS Document Management Server (OpenIMS DMS) enables you full control over your document exchange with your prospects, customers, business  partners, colleagues, suppliers and all other contacts you do business, or have contact with.


The solution gives you certified version control and document workflow, context based integrated metadata, less mistakes and claims, more depth insight and leverages your quality.


FlexiCapture Brochure – PDF icon   Download Sugar Pro Product Overview Brochure (PDF)

FlexiCapture Brochure – PDF icon   Download Whitepaper the 'i' in CRM (PDF)

FlexiCapture Brochure – PDF icon   Download OpenIMS DMS Overview Brochure (PDF)

FlexiCapture Brochure – PDF icon   Download OpenIMS DMS Whitepaper (PDF)

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