Put Information to Work
OpenIMS Document Management Server (OpenIMS DMS) enables a single point of access to all of your information from systems such as Microsoft Office, business intelligence project management systems, CAD systems and existing line-of-business applications, including third-party and industry-specific programs. The portal, built on a scalable, highly distributed architecture, provides flexible tools for deployment, development, and management, all of which enable the portal to grow with your organization's needs. These integration features enable you to harness information to make use of your company's resources. Users can extract and reuse timely and relevant information from systems and reports, and quickly locate and access documents, projects, and best practices across the company. The portal features Google like search technology that enables you to search file shares, Web servers, Microsoft Exchange Server public folders, Lotus Notes, and Windows SharePoint Services sites out of the box. In addition, you can organize documents and information by topic and browse for relevant content. Alerts notify you when new information is added or existing information changes to help you.

Document type independent
OpenIMS Document Management Server can manage a lot of different kind of file types. For example:

  • All Microsoft Office document formats.
  • Adobe file formats.
  • OpenOffice.org file formats.
  • Autocad, MicroStation and other CAD systems file formats.
  • All kinds of pictures such as jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, psp, mic.
  • and lots of other file formats.

Documents can be opened from within a web browser with a simple mouseclick.

Version management
OpenIMS has excellent version and history functionality. For each document it is possible to see who did what and when with a certain document. In the following picture you can see an overview of all changes made to a certain document.

It is also possible to view previous versions of a document and to reverse changes. All documents can have version numbers which are configurable to match company standards. All versions of documents are stored indefinitely unless specified otherwise.

Connect Collaborative People
OpenIMS provides a powerful team collaboration environment that enables organizations to aggregate, organize, find, and provision information across the enterprise. OpenIMS sites for teams, documents, and meetings can also be extended to customers and partners, augmenting the reach and efficiency of existing collaboration methods. OpenIMS further facilitates end-to-end collaboration by delivering document and content collaboration to individuals, teams, business units, and the enterprise. Document versioning, approval workflow, check in and check out, document profiling, and publishing facilitate easy collaboration on documents, projects, and tasks. In addition, OpenIMS enables information workers to easily find and make use of people, teams, and existing best practices-rather than reinvent the wheel with each project.

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